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Fedora Education

The first release of the POSSE Education Fedora Remix has been announced!

Have you ever wanted to contribute - or get others to contribute - to an open source education project, but never found the time to set up and get started? We've got a ready-to-go contributors' (not just code!) environment for you:

More information, as well as instructions, how to GetStarted are also available. You might also want to consider joining our mailing list!

This is the home of the Fedora Education SIG, where we work on an entirely new concept of providing students, teachers and schools with open source solutions. Having released the first iteration of the POSSE Education Fedora Remix, the Education SIG continues to work on new releases, such as the Fedora Education Spin, which is scheduled to launch with the Fedora 12 release. We continue to follow our mission of building, maintaining, and evangelizing a strong ecosystem of educational packages within Fedora and by supporting learners in using these packages as tools to reach their curricular goals.