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Echo Monthly News - Issue 6, January 2009

Echo Perspective starting of Fedora Hosted

The long anticipated moment is finally here. With the help of fedoraforum users we have selected wining desings for Echo Perspective and started Echo Perspective in our git repository. The hardest one to decide was the trash icon, since the votes for both were equal. After some discussion on #fedora-art we however went with more finalized version of the luya design. So we hereby present the first three icons of Echo Perspective:

New Echo Artist Scripts and Supporting Icon Artist Library

On the infrastructure front we wasn't lagging behind either. We published a complete rewrite of the echo-artist scripts. In this rewrite the focus was on modulabirity and completeness, so the new scripts can do more than before are more intelligent hopefully easy to use and the depend on the icon-artist library which is done in a way that it could be used for development of other icon themes as well. No official release of the new rewrite has been made yet but you can expect it in February. Also we provide here simple examples of how the new scripts work

Initializing New Git Repository

This is now as simple as running echo-git-setup

Updating Your Local Copy of Git Repository


Creating New Icon from Template

You can now select from more tempates:

echo-icon-new --context actions list-add

using the default echo template or

echo-icon-new --context emotes --template echo-emotes emote-smiling

for using different template. The templates available are:

  • default - this is icon-artist default one-canvas template and should not be used for creating echo icons
  • echo-default - this is echo-artist default one-canvas template which also contains echo gradient samples. This one will be used if you don't specify custom template.
  • echo-emotes - this is Echo template for creating emotes
  • echo-paper - this is Echo templates for creating icons containing paper sheet(s)

Note that we don't have custom templates for Echo Perspective prepared yet.

Adding Icon to Repository

First update the repository


then add the icon, e.g.

echo-icon-add --component perspective-base --branch master --symlink system-config-display video-display.svg

and push the changes to fedorahosted

cd ~/Projects/echo-icon-theme/git && git push origin

Again, available components are

  • base - the echo-icon-theme icons
  • extras - extra icons for echo-icon-theme
  • perspective-base - Echo Perspective icons
  • perspective-extras - extra icons Echo Perspective icons. You won't probably use this at this point of Echo Perspective development.