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Echo Monthly News - Issue 4-5, November - December 2008

Echo Perspective

Both November and December were mostly about the new Echo Perspective icon and not much of new has been done. So we joined the November's and December's Issue together.

Proposed Designs

Up to 24th December, which was the closing date for proposals, there appeared several designs for the new Echo Perspective icon set. Here they are:

Proposed Guideline Changes

Change the word "Perspective" to "Projection" in the current rules and add Perspective Projection to our guidelines. The Perspective Projection will be used for 32x32 and bigger sizes and less often in smaller sizes as appropriate (will be decided on case by case basis). Supplementary to this Projection will be the Flat Projection which will be used for the rest.

We will allow glows/glazes/shines in 256x256 size to achieve more realistic look. Also we'll use ~1 px non-transparent borders in all sizes.

Bitmap Post-processing in Echo Icons

It's been suggested that we allow small amount of post-processing to achieve better looks of our icons, as long as it follows these rules:

  • the post-processed bitmap must look closely similar to the original SVG
  • the post-processing used must be fully reproducible using either ImageMagick? or gimp and must be documented
  • only steps that can be automated must be used