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Echo Monthly News - Issue 3, October 2008

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New Templates

We've discused and created a few templates on the fedora-art-list and we hope the list will be growing. They are not yet available on out sites but they'll be included in the echo-artist-0.2.x series.

General Template with Gradients


Paper Template


Emotes Tempate


Echo Won't Be F10's Default Icon Theme

Following a lengthy and fruitful discussion on fedora-art-list and fedora-desktop list it has been generally accepted that Echo is not ready for being default icon set and therefore we switched back to Mist. Some people were concerned about coverage, some about consistency and some about deviance from upstream defaults. We hope to adress most of the issues in the future.

Icon Check Script

Martin prepared script for checking the one-canvas svg if everything is OK. It usually suggests user what's wrong in case somethings goes wrong. If an icon passes the checks by this script, it should be added to git correctly by the echo-add-icon scripts. The script is not yet in git, but it will be part of the echo-artist-0.2.x series. Download

Echo Future

We need to redefine our goals and clearly state, what they are. Martin has proposed coverage of main desktop spins and consistency as our main goals. In concrete, we hope to have near 100% coverage of at least Fedora Desktop Live Spin, Fedora KDE Live Spin and Fedora XFCE Live Spin, and we need to simplify our projection guidelines - three different types of projections are too much, and appart from that we deviate too much from upstream defaults (gnome-icon-theme and oxygen). Martin more explored the projections area in his recent blog posts: