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Echo Monthly News - Issue 2, September 2008

New Icons utilities-lvm preferences-system-authentication system-software-sources preferences-desktop-locale preferences-system-bootloader system-network-control system-root-password object-flip-horizontal object-flip-vertical object-rotate-left object-rotate-right mail-forward mail-mark-important mail-mark-junk mail-mark-notjunk mail-mark-read mail-mark-unread mail-message-new mail-reply-all mail-reply-sender mail-send mail-send-receive mail-attachment mail-read mail-replied mail-signed mail-signed-verified mail-unread dialog-cancel dialog-close dialog-no dialog-ok dialog-ok-apply dialog-yes help-information process-stop window-close viev-sort-ascending view-sort-descending edit-clear system-run

Updated Tutorials

We've update Working with Git and Adding New Icon Set to include instructions for echo-artist scripts usage, which is our currently preferred way of pushing icons (as it prevents as many human mistakes as possible and really simplifies the job).

Guidelines Update

We've added One Canvas Workflow guideline and a huge size (256x256) guideline. The 256x256 is not required to create, but it's strongly advised to include it in the set as well. The one canvas workflow is now or preferred workflow and we are hoping to transfer all our icons to it fully for 0.5.x series.


We've released, probably last in the 0.3.x series, echo-icon-theme-0.3.3. This release focused mostly on adding new icons for System -> Administration menu which is now fully covered (all applications that are there in the Fedora Live Desktop Spin).

We've released a bugfix version of echo-artist scripts - echo-artist-0.1.1. This release fixes a bug where changes to's went wrong in some corner case.

Echo Enabled in Rawhide as Default Icon Set

Echo was enabled in Rawhide, just in time for being included in F10 Beta, as our default icon set. Since the communation on our part was not so clear/loud enough there arouse some misunderstandigns, especially from the Desktop Team, where some people complained Echo is not ready to be default. We explained that we hope to hold a vote, opened only for the interested parties (Art and Desktop Teams), to decide that since the question of coverage and being ready is not easy to answer at all and so we need to come to some kind of compromise.

Again, there were raised doubts about isometric projection used in many icons. We think these doubts are valid and due to current icon usage it indeed creates some consistency issues (like when status icons, that are isometric, are used for actions, that are supposed to be using on-the-table projection). We are pretty far on the way and there is a hole lot of icons already created with this projection and changing the guidelines would basically mean throwing years of work out of the window. We have no problems though with starting a parallel project with simplified/more consistent projection guidelines (basically we'd remove the used types of projections to two - flat for small sizes and some other for bigger sizes) if there are people willing to work on that. If it's just the projection guidelines change (and perhaps some minor changes to other guidelines), we'd be happy to host it under echo-icon-theme hood.

Icons We Need to Create for F10

With Echo being accepted for F10 under the condition that the coverage is enough, we needed to decided what that enough is. We created a list: TODO: Base Set of Icons and everyone is welcome to comment on it if (s)he feels different from us in what the "enough coverage" means.

Roadmap Updates

We decided to focus on finishing critical icons for 0.4, and redefine our goals for 0.5 as:

  1. Finish transition to one canvas workflow
  2. Complete all icons in specs
  3. Complete all icons mentioned in ToDo/BaseSet
  4. Complete all icons mentioned in ToDo/GnomeMenus
  5. Fix pluses and stars guidelines violations
  6. Start working on better Echo on KDE4 experience
  7. Start working on better Echo on xfce experience