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There are three major icon sizes an icon theme must address: Large, Small, and Extra Small. In Echo Project we decided to use another two sizes: Huge, which is becoming more and more important, and Medium which is less used but still good to have.


Echo Perspective Folder, Huge size

This size is used scarcely in various applications, but is gaining on popularity. The bitmap size is 256×256 pixels. This size allows us to use more refined detail. During our first experiments with this sizes, we used in the Echo Project slightly different outlines (semi-transparent), but with the coming of Echo Perspective we are shifting away from it, so if you are doing new icon, don't use semi-transparent borders (exceptions are possible if justified).


Echo Perspective Folder, Large size

This size is mainly used for desktop icons and in the file manager views. The bitmap size is 48×48 pixels. We strongly suggest creating the Scalable version (see bellow) from this size.


Echo Perspective Folder, Medium size

This size is a common size on platforms such as Windows XP or KDE, it is also rarely used in various Gnome applications. The bitmap size is 32x32.


Echo Perspective Folder, Small size

This is the common size for application toolbar icons. The bitmap size is 22x22 or 24x24. The 24x24 version is preferably created by adding 1px transparent border to the 22x22 version (done automatically if you use one canvas work-flow).


Echo Perspective Folder, Tiny size

This is the common size for icons in menus or lists and various other places. This bitmap size is 16x16.

Scalable Icon

This icon is used on resolution independent devices or when rendering an icon with non-standard size.

We highly recommend this to be identical to the 48x48 one. This icon must not contain Adobe Illustrator garbage. You should also run it though inkscape's vacuum defs (done automatically if you use one canvas work-flow).

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