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use consistent naming for all formats of the color palette


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Color Palette

Having a common color palette is required to have a consistent look across all icons. Visual style is heavily influenced by the colors used.

The common practice when drawing icons is to use the palette as a base, applying it on large areas. Shading with gradients, creating highlights and shadows by changing value, and minor changes of saturation are also allowed and endorsed. Colors do not have to come exclusively from this set, as additional colors may be used. Starting from the base color and changing value, saturation or even hue slightly gives more consistent results than starting from arbitrary colors.

Echo Color Palette, PNG version

For your convenience, we prepared the palette for use in the following formats:

GIMP Palette - also works in latest Inkscape (symlink ~/.gimp-2.4/palettes/ to ~/.inkscape/palettes/ and you'll have all of your GIMP palettes in Inkscape)

SVG Palette

Usage Examples

For better understanding and easier following of this guideline we've prepared a set of commonly used gradients in echo-project (get SVG):

Echo Gradient Samples, PNG version

and an example of usage of gradients not comming directly from the base colors (get SVG):

Echo Perspective Folder Remote, PNG version

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