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Echo Project Icon Creation Guidelines

This document deprecates the old Guidelines.


Echo Project is developing two icon themes. Echo Icon Theme (further referred to as Echo) and Echo Perspective are modern icon themes developed primarily for Fedora by members of the Fedora DesignTeam. Both themes aim to appear more realistic while still maintaining a clean and simple design by utilizing high contrast and vibrant color palette. While Echo is intended as a bluecurve successor and thus utilising less common dimetric projection, Echo Perspective aims to become the default icon theme in future versions of Fedora. To achieve that it tries to achieve maximum amount of compatibility with GNOME and KDE upstream icon themes and thus it's using perspective projection. Read more about the Echo Project.?

In order for all icons to share a common look it is necessary to define the style the icons will use. The guidelines you are reading now are serving for this purpose. It's necessary that you are familiar with these guidelines when creating an Echo [Perspective] icon.

Color Palette

The Color Palette Guideline defines the base set of colors used by Echo [Perspective].

Style Elements

The Style Elements Guideline defines the key visual elements of Echo [Perspective].


The Projections Guideline defines types of projections used in Echo [Perspective]

Lights and Shadows

The Lights and Shadows Guideline explains the lighting used in Echo [Perspective].


The Sizes Guideline explains the icon sizes used by Echo [Perspective].

Icon Elements

The Icon Elements Guideline explains how to make icon composed of more objects (elements).

One Canvas Work-Flow

The One Canvas Work-Flow Guideline decribes the workflow used in Echo [Perspective].

Common Filenaming

The Common Filenaming Guideline describes the icon naming scheme used in Echo [Perspective].

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use Guideline describes the licensing used in Echo [Perspective].

Creation Tips

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