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Welcome to Echo Project Home Page

Echo Project is a group of artists, mainly from Fedora Design Team, that are creating Echo Icons. There are currently two icons sets provided by Echo Project:

  • Echo Perspective: modern lively icon theme. Our basic aim is coverage of XFCE desktop, but we would like to expand further in the future as well. It is scheduled to obsolete echo-icon-theme after it gains enough coverage. Most of the guidelines are shared so until then, it depends on echo-icon-theme. Echo Perspective icon theme is our currently recommended solution if your looking for icons in Echo style. There isn't any official release yet, so please use a git snapshot.
  • echo-icon-theme: this is the original icon set, aiming to replace old bluecurve. It isn't actively developed further and is being replaced by the more modern Echo Perspective icon theme. Because not all of icons are replaced yet and because of the many similarities, it is still required by Echo Perspective icon theme, so we recommend installing echo-icon-theme as well.

News (Old)

Echo Monthly News

Echo Monthly News, Latest Issue


Icon Theme Status - Icon Gallery

Download Echo Icon Theme 0.3.3

Download useful scripts for echo artists, version 0.1.1



ToDo - Our progress tracking page (in development)

Icon Naming Proposals Draft (need recheck)

Working with Git

Adding New Icon Set - Step by step guide to adding new icons to Echo (in development)


Creative Commons License
echo-icon-theme by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.