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Reimbursement and Budget tracking

This trac provides the following:

  • Reimbursement requests
  • General accounting for the Fedora Budget

Reimbursement and Direct Purchase Requests

Requests for direct purchase or reimbursement should be made here, following these guidelines:

Regional Spending

  • Expenditure was approved by another group within Fedora (Regional FAM group, FAmSCo, consensus in meeting/IRC) and has an associated ticket and/or meeting/IRC log
  • Expenditures less than $200 USD (or whatever the limit TBD by FAmSCo is do not require approvals, but are subject to sanity-checking/review. These expenditures typically include:

Shipping costs Small hardware purchases for event boxes (replacement cables, power strips, etc.) Printing costs (What to do with things like "release parties" - spending is okay, but no reimbursement without a blog post/event report?)

  • Regional support purchase/reimbursement requests less than $200 that don't require approval...

(maybe this should say, "should NOT be travel/event attendance related"?) should NOT be logically part of a larger request; i.e., travel to an event, if the regional FAm group has organized the event for multiple attendees, you should not be attending/expecting reimbursement outside of that group's wider approval/plan) do NOT include travel to FUDCons, FADs. Those follow a different process.

  • Regional support expenditures typically include:
    • Ambassador attendance at events
    • Event support (booth payments/sponsorships, etc)
    • Media Purchases
    • Swag Purchases
    • Shipping
    • Printing
    • Equipment
    • Banners, tablecloths, etc.

Premier Fedora Events (FUDCons)

  • Your request for airfare/train/gas direct purchase or reimbursement MUST have been approved prior to purchase or reimbursement.
  • You must have a Fedora User: page.
  • Other direct purchases (catering, shirts, lanyards, etc.) must have been agreed to in the FUDCon budget plan, and can be directly accounted for in the "Final cost" box.

Accounting / Budget Tracking

What is tracked

  • Regional Support expenditures
  • FUDCon/FAD expenditures
  • Discretionary spending expenditures (at discretion of FPL/Budget owner)
  • Community credit card spending (typically only regional support / FUDCon/FAD expenditures)

How things are tracked


  • For reimbursement requests: After reimbursement is requested, request should flow to (either "triage person" or "regional budget wrangler"), and then to a person for payment. Once payment or purchase is made, the final amount/cost should be notated, including the paypal fee.
  • For direct purchases with a related ticket: After purchase is requested, request should flow to (either "triage person" or "regional budget wrangler"), and then to a person for payment. Notate final amount/cost.
  • For direct purchases without a ticket: Notate final amount/cost.
  • For community credit card holders: Though most expenditures will likely have an associated ticket, auto-billed items (shipping, etc.) and any other expenditures without a ticket should be entered individually (as they appear on your credit card bill) when your statement arrives.

Post purchase/reimbursement

  • Red Hat employees who are credit card holders should notate the expense report # and date/quarter in which the expense report was submitted.
  • Community credit card holders should only need to submit their receipts and credit card statement; final "expense report date" will be the date on which the monthly credit card bill is due.

How reimbursements are made

Reimbursements can be made in the following ways:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer

Having a credit card holder purchase something directly for you is ALWAYS EASIER. This includes airfares, swag purchases, and if a credit card holder is at your event, typically your hotel/lodging, if approved.

Tips to make things easier

  • If you are planning to attend an event, and you are having the airfare prepaid and the hotel reimbursed later, these should be separate tickets.