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What is docbook-lint ?

docbook-lint is a tool to check DocBook XML files for various problems.

Most DocBook toolchains only check for well-formedness of the XML and validity against a DTD. But there are many other kinds of useful, automated tests that you could do to a DocBook file, and that's where docbook-lint comes in.

So far it checks for the following:

  • overly long lines within <screen> elements
  • overly long content within <computeroutput> elements
  • spelling mistakes, with intelligent handling of language, and suppression of spellchecking within e.g. textual screen dumps, code fragments etc
  • presence of "forbidden" words (e.g. for swearwords or trademarks), based on a user-supplied configuration file
  • naming conventions for IDs within the document

Ideas and patches for other tests most welcome! Please file them in this Trac instance.

Free Software

docbook-lint is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2

Getting docbook-lint

git clone git://

Please let us know if you package it (by filing a ticket), so a link can be added to this website.

Hacking on docbook-lint

Internally, it's a command-line tool that's a thin wrapper around a python module. There's a self-test suite to cover all features (so please extend this when adding new stuff).

Anonymous access:

Push access:

(need to be in the gitdocbook-lint group to have push access)