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Request for multimedia icons

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Now that the FedoraStudio feature is accepted by FESCo we are in need of new icons.

The Audio&Video/Multimedia? desktop menu is being categorized. For each submenu entry we are requesting new icons. Some are pretty straightforward, whereas some are more left to imagination.

Currently for the test package, I borrowed icons from other projects. I will replace these icons with the ones produced here.

Here is a list of what we need and some explanation:

  • Capture&Import icon: This is a general group of applications for capturing/importing all sorts of media: Audio streams, Video streams, sound recording with a mic, ripping CD's DVD's, TV broadcasts...
  • Creation icon: An icon for the top menu which will contain other media creation applications listed below. Very open to imagination :)
  • Digital processing icon: This group contains audio/video effect applications. Synthesizer applications. An idea for the icon would be a foot pedal musicians use (like a distortion pedal).
  • Editors icon: Audio editors, video editors, soundfont editors... Basically, applications that can be use existing data to create some output.
  • Jack icon: JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) using applications. These are wide range applications, primarily used for audio creation. An audio jack connector (like the one you plug into the electric guitar) is an idea for the icon.
  • MIDI icon: MIDI using applications. Again wide range, but a MIDI keyboard sounds like an idea.
  • Sequencer/Multitrack? recorder icon: An icon for the group of multitrack sequencers, digital audio workstations.
  • Notation icon: Icon for the group of musical notation applications.
  • Mixer icon: Group of software mixers. Like pulseaudio control, kmix, gnome mixer...
  • Output generation icon: Very wide range and quite open to imagination. The applications that are covered by this group are audio/video streamers, format changers, CD/DVD burners, subtitle editors. In terms of functionality, this one is kind of opposite to the "Capture&Import" group.
  • Tools icon: Helper applications that usually do not do anything with multimedia data. Such as instrument tuner, metronome...
  • Player icon: An icon for audio/video players group.

This makes 12 icons. I know it is a long list but is there a chance we can have these by F-12?

Very many thanks!


multimedia_menu1.png (57.6 KB) - added by oget 4 years ago.
KDE menu snapshot 1
multimedia_menu2.png (46.6 KB) - added by oget 4 years ago.
KDE menu snapshot 2

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Are those icons necessary yet?

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by oget

Yes. We are still using replacement icons copied from other projects. It would be very nice to have our own icons. Thanks!

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Is it possible to get a screenshot of how the icons currently look and where the icons are going to be presented?

Changed 4 years ago by oget

KDE menu snapshot 1

Changed 4 years ago by oget

KDE menu snapshot 2

comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by oget

Of course. I attached two snapshots from my KDE applications menu where you can see the replacement icons that I borrowed from other projects. Different desktop environments (Gnome, XFCE, LXDE etc) will have different layouts, but the concept is the same. Thank you for your interest.

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Just to let you know that the Fedora Jam spin is still tracking this ticket.

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