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Ticket Summary Keywords Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#414 Logo it.fedoracommunity.org Design and Tools Education new 11/27/15
#405 Help designing and laying out an infographic or other digital document for Fedora Council's EDU Objective. triaged, EDU Objective, Logic Model, Infographic, Council, Fedora Council, Objectives, Initiatives Digital Artwork new 10/06/15
#374 UX feedback on fedmenu triaged UX/Interaction Research and Design new 04/30/15
#199 Interface and Usability refresh for ask.fedoraproject.org triaged UX/Interaction Research and Design anuradhaw new 08/01/11
#418 Update Stack Exchange Community Promtion Ads for 2016 Digital Artwork gnokii new 01/21/16
#367 Need logo design for the Fedora Security Team(FST) triaged Digital Artwork jurankdankkal new 04/14/15
#423 1/4 page ad for LinuxFest NorthWest 2016 Print/Swag Design mleonova assigned 02/11/16
#403 Icons for new FAS website triaged Digital Artwork riecatnor new 08/14/15
#402 Need to scale down hackergotchi in planet rss feed css triaged Design and Tools Education ryanlerch new 08/14/15
#210 Update fedoracommunity maps with Russia in EMEA (not APAC) triaged Digital Artwork ryanlerch new 12/19/11
#279 Design for "This week in Fedora" triaged Web Design ryanlerch new 06/18/13
#421 Official font and presentation templates need update UX/Interaction Research and Design sam08 assigned 01/28/16
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