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Ticket Summary Keywords Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#372 F22 Media Art Digital Artwork new 04/24/15
#363 Mockup request for new spins.fpo and labs.fpo websites triaged Web Design duffy new 03/26/15
#367 Need logo design for the Fedora Security Team(FST) FST Design and Tools Education new 04/14/15
#119 Request for new system-config-services icon triaged Digital Artwork luya assigned 02/10/10
#210 Update fedoracommunity maps with Russia in EMEA (not APAC) triaged Digital Artwork ryanlerch assigned 12/19/11
#347 Fedora Cloud, Server, and Worksation Stack Exchange community promotion ads triaged Digital Artwork bronwynmowens new 01/08/15
#355 Request: F22 featured images for the Magazine triaged Digital Artwork jurankdankkal new 02/13/15
#359 Need designs based on finalized logo for FUDCon APAC 2015 triaged Digital Artwork jurankdankkal assigned 02/25/15
#360 Fedora LiveUSB Creator artwork triaged Digital Artwork gnokii new 03/05/15
#362 Logo for pagure triaged Digital Artwork mciahdenn new 03/25/15
#370 Poster required for FUDCon APAC 2015 Digital Artwork new 04/23/15
#218 Europe edition of Freemedia envelope triaged Print/Swag Design twohot assigned 02/18/12
#369 T-shirt design for Flock 2015 Print/Swag Design new 04/21/15
#371 Fedora security / CVE appreciation sticker Print/Swag Design duffy new 04/23/15
#350 Anaconda banner template triaged Release Artwork jurankdankkal assigned 01/17/15
#358 Create Artwork for Cockpit banner to display in Anaconda GUI triaged Release Artwork jurankdankkal new 02/24/15
#364 Update Design Team Wiki triaged Team Maintenance kirkb new 04/01/15
#366 Fedora Server / Workstation / Cloud Logo Guidelines needed triaged Team Maintenance duffy new 04/07/15
#199 Interface and Usability refresh for ask.fedoraproject.org triaged UX/Interaction Research and Design sadin new 08/01/11
#279 Design for "This week in Fedora" easyfix, triaged Web Design sadin new 06/18/13
#368 Fedora .Next Tshirt designs Digital Artwork zoltanh721 new 04/19/15
#365 Guitar Pick artwork for swag triaged Print/Swag Design duffy new 04/02/15
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