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CSI: Community Services Infrastructure is a collection of systems administrators and managers that collaborate on using Open Source Software and how best to deploy it. Collaboration can be as simple as working together on a proper web farm document. Or as complicated as putting together a large complicated proof of concept all in the open.

In most companies there are various teams and R&D guys that get together to design new products and systems for your company. CSI does the same thing, just with open source values and proceedures. The idea being with many companies there lies a common need for certain services. Open Source Software has provided an excellent platform to build large environments on. And the open source methodologies work great for software development. CSI is aiming to take the next step into actual deployment. When teams of people get together to work in the same product, there's much common knowledge to share between them making the product better.

Advanced Collaboration

In addition to communicating and creating standard deployment procedures and documents CSI also provides a way to leverage Fedora's already successful open model. Partnering with Fedora and other CSI members means much lower R&D costs. See our FAQ for more information

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