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Copr Buildsystem

Copr is designed to be a lightweight buildsystem that allows contributors to create packages, put them in repositories, and make it easy for users to install the packages onto their system. Within the Fedora Project it is used to allow packagers to create third party repositories.


The main subsections of this wiki;


Copr is discussed on #fedora-buildsys on

Copr also has a mailing list for discussion: copr-devel@… (signup) (archives)


Copr comes in several pieces. You can browse the source here:

Test instance

Need To Edit This Wiki?

You don't need to ask to be in the Copr account system group, that's only for commit access, see the Patch Process. To get started simply;

Want to File a Bug/RFE?

  • Search for bugs here: If it has, feel free to add yourself to Cc list of that bugzilla and add comments with more details, logs, etc.
  • Report a new bug: If it has not, then please report it here with all the detail you can muster.
  • Get a Bugzilla account: You will need an account in bugzilla to add comments or file new bugzillas.