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This is a page for various advanced topics about using Cobbler's API and integration with other applications, as well as information on Work In Progress (WIP) features.

Note that cobbler has it's own development mailing list, which is:

How To Contribute

Various information about how to get involved with the Cobbler project.

Patch Process How to contribute patches/changes/features to Cobbler
People with Remote Git Branches List of folks who keep their own development branches of Cobbler
Want to work on Something? How to find ideas to work on things, if you don't already have one
Quick Development RPM Build Guide A short and simple guide to going from "nothing" to devel-branch RPMs


XMLRPC API is used to interact with cobbler via the cobblerd daemon.

Cobbler's XMLRPC API Querying a Cobbler server via XMLRPC (which is how koan works)
Cobbler Triggers Using Cobbler triggers to interact with other programs/scripts when certain events happen
Ruby Module Ruby language bindings for interacting with Cobbler via XMLRPC (dpierce)
Adobe Flex How to connect to cobbler using Adobe Flex 3 (cosman)
Cobbler4j Java language bindings for interacting with Cobbler over XMLRPC (dgoodwin)

Extending Cobbler

Cobbler can be extended without modifying the core code. Here are a few ways to do that.

Cobbler Modules In some areas (object serialization, authn, authz, etc), cobbler's code itself is user extensible. Read more here
Alternative Serializers Cobbler uses JSON, and YAML in some places. Though it's possible to write other methods

How Various Things Work

Learn how various aspects of Cobbler work in finer detail than most may want to know...

Customizable Security How to replace web service (and WebUI) authorization and authentication with whatever you want
mod_python Details What mod_python URLs do what in 1.0 and beyond
File System Info Where does cobbler store things, and what paths are for what?
Charts and Graphs Various diagrams
Debugging Cobbler Tips on debugging Cobbler

Work In Progress

Feature pages in this section will be moved to UserDocs once they are complete. If you are interested in these items please ask on the mailing list, there is no ETA listed here.

Physical System Clone Feature Feature in progress to clone physical systems using PXE and Fedora live CD tech (WIP)
SELinux Policy cobbler already works with SELinux, this (WIP) is about writing a policy for it
Cobbler Live CD this feature was deprecated by BuildIso though we might want to bring it back someday.
Debian and Ubuntu support How does Cobbler handle Ubuntu deployments? JasperCapel's work-in-progress page.
Platform Testing Which platforms does cobbler currently work on and which need further work?