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RGManager can freeze services. Doing so allows users to upgrade rgmanager, CMAN, or any other software on the system while minimizing down-time of rgmanager-managed services.

It also allows maintenance of parts of rgmanager services. For example, if you have a database and a web server in a single rgmanager service, you may freeze the rgmanager service, stop the database, perform maintenance, restart the database, and unfreeze the service.

Service Behaviors when Frozen

  • status checks are disabled
  • start operations are disabled
  • stop operations are disabled
  • Failover will not occur (even if you power off the service owner)


Failure to follow these guidelines may result in resources being allocated on multiple hosts.

  • You must not stop all instances of rgmanager when a service is frozen unless you plan to reboot the hosts prior to restarting rgmanager.
  • You must not unfreeze a service until the reported owner of the service rejoins the cluster and restarts rgmanager.

User Operations: Freeze and Unfreeze

  • To freeze a service, run: clusvcadm -Z <service_name>
  • To unfreeze (thaw) a service, run: clusvcadm -U <service_name>