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Cluster Summit 2008

For sometime now we have been discussing the idea of holding a cluster developer summit to gather together developers of different projects into the same room to discuss and plan the future of the different Linux Cluster HA implementations out there.

Here we will keep the summary of actions to organize the Summit.

Action list

  • collect ideas (done)
  • write down minimal specification doc for each of them (done)
  • approve spec list (done)
  • evaluate if there is enough material to justify the summit (done)
  • list of participants (done)
  • decide best location according to participants (done)
  • find hotel/venue (in progress)
  • define schedule (in progress)
  • decide dates (done)


Everybody feel free to add more to the bottom of the list.

golden rules:

  • each item needs to be worth discussing face to face.
  • take ownership of the idea (add your name to it) because you will be required to write the draft specification for it. Missing specification by deadline will remove the item from the list.
  • make sure that your idea and specification is written in clear language so that everybody can understand and discuss even if you cannot be present at the discussion.

Ideas for specifications:

Specification/idea Priority Proposed by
converging the stacks? fabbione
switch daemons into openais plugins? fabbione
how openais plugins should interact together? fabbione
release timelines? fabbione
standard quorum service beekhof
standard fencing interaction lmb
standard configuration? beekhof
standard logging? beekhof
common shell scripting library for RAs lmb
clustered samba? lmb
identify and determine ways to enhance compatibility? jlbec
init scripts/startup sequence/concept of clustered service? fabbione
Open Shared Root Cluster integration atix
future directions for file system / cluster stack integration? mfasheh

General discussion ideas/demos/presentations/BOFs:

  • Development models - a brief inside look at each other way of developing models (everybody)
  • Projects goals - small presentation (max 2 slides) on different projects goals (everybody)
  • Demos of different stacks - small demo (max 10 minutes each) to show how the stack works (everybody)

Suggested schedule organization

  • Max one hour per session (45 minutes talk - 15 minutes break)
  • Max 4 sessions in raw. 3 technical discussion 1 general brainstorming/talk/hack/openforum
  • 10 minutes at the end of each day to wrap up and prepare for the next day.
  • Max 2/3 days.


  • When: 29th of Sept -> 1st of Oct included


Name email address Flying From Flight Departure Time Special requirements (vegetarian? vegan? allergies?) confirmed (yes/no/maybe) please book my hotel room (yes/no)
Angus Salkeld angus.salkeld at New Zealand none yes yes (27th-3rd)
Dave Teigland teigland Minneapolis Thurs 9:20am no yes yes
Joel Becker known San Francisco Beekhof took my line yes yes
Lon Hohberger lhh@… Boston Thursday, 17:10 none yes yes
Mark Fasheh mfasheh at Edinburgh none yes yes
Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at Denmark none yes yes
Steve Whitehouse swhiteho at Bristol UK (by coach from Swansea) 14:20 no yes yes
Keisuke Mori kskmori at Tokyo no yes no
Tadashiro Yoshida yoshida.tadashiro at Tokyo no yes no
Steven Dake sdake@… Phoenix, Arizona, USA not big on cheese yes yes
Chrissie Caulfield ccaulfie at Leeds UK 12:05 Terminal 1 not keen on tomatoes yes yes
Kenaro Aoshima aoshima.kentaro at Chiba no yes no
Andrew Beekhof known Munich Meatatarian yes yes
Lars Marowsky-Bree known Hamburg Thursday, 17:10 yes yes
Dejan Muhamedagic dejan at Vienna none yes yes
Marek Grac mgrac@… Brno no yes yes
Jan Friesse known Brno yes yes
Lars Ellenberg lars at Vienna none yes yes
Marc Grimme grimme at Munich no yes yes
Mark Hlawatschek hlawatschek at Munich no yes no

NOTE: Hotel is now full. No more rooms available. Please make your own arrangements.


2008 Cluster Summit Schedule