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#126 python3 only means ansible won't work Cloud Base Image Future task new 10/07/15
#94 Producing Updated Cloud/Atomic Images Cloud Base Image Future task kushal assigned 01/21/15
#115 Fedora Cloud FAD (late 2015/early 2016) Planning Future task dustymabe new 08/19/15
#121 Migrate all Dockerfiles / Images to systemd where possible --- Future task new 09/16/15
#122 fedora-dockerfiles: Clean up READMEs. --- Future task new 09/16/15
#123 Document process for using Fedora-Dockerfile branches --- Future task new 09/16/15
#124 CI for Fedora-Dockerfiles --- Future task new 09/16/15
#125 Fedora-Dockerfiles examples for Kubernetes --- Future task new 09/16/15
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