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Candlepin is an open source entitlement management system. It tracks the products which an owner has subscribed too, and allows the owner to consume the subscriptions based on configurable business rules. In the real world, it will allow you to:

  • See what systems are entitled to use products you define
  • Ensure that new systems consume your products based on your business rules
  • See what systems are out of compliance

Candlepin is designed to run in a hosted environment which clients can talk to, or to be deployed on premise for customers to manage their subscriptions disconnected from the software provider. You can see a higher level overview of the engine and it extension points.


If you are interested in talking with the developers there are several ways:

  • Come talk to us on #candlepin on Freenode IRC
  • Subscribe to the mailing list: candlepin@… (signup)
  • Check out the mailing list archives at (archives)

Getting It




User Docs

  • Setup Candlepin via RPM
  • ReportingAnError Instructions for how to report or file a bug for a Candlepin error to help provide as much info as possible to developers.

Developer Docs

Work Backlog

  • Our backlog of things which we need to build.

Design information

Recent Changes

Recent Changes

Why Candlepin

Honestly, we were in New England for a meeting. We went out for dinner after watching movies online, and someone said lets go bowling. When geeks get together, we talk about work. Next thing you know.. project Candlepin!