Last modified 6 years ago Last modified on 11/08/10 08:38:09



  • Chip magic working again (the button "Fill in")
  • import time-sheet JSONs
  • Xorg.0.log analysis
  • set Triaged keyword when closing a bug
  • fix incompatibilities
  • add mirror on github


  • found the official icon
  • t.activate() doesn’t exist (fixes #28)
  • add this changelog
  • add update.rdf to fedorahosted download folder
  • fix possibility to cancel submit from logging dialog
  • more compatibility fixes
  • fix addClosingUpstream and selectOptionByLabel
  • make script more robust against network issues
  • checkComments works for non-RH objects
  • fix strict mode violations in FF4b2


  • support for (with removal of original buttons)
  • related to the previous: new configuration option configData.killNodes
  • support the latest changes in (if you have your own .json file commit_middle button has vanished, I use commit_top instead)
  • compatible with Firefox 4.0beta4 (strict mode is actually taken seriously)


  • Make skipping attachments working


  • RH Bugzilla moved reporter’s field to other column
  • Fix update.rdf so that finally updates work


  • Ehm, now really fix #43 :)


  • fix mirroring builds to the repository
  • we don’t have getVersion() anymore, don’t use it


  • rebuild for fixes in jetpack-SDK


  • improve Xorg.0.log analysis
  • make certain that this.bugNo is really numerical value of bug number (which broke generating timesheets among other things)


  • don't paste backtraces into comments, but rather make attachment
  • create a viewer for such attachments
  • fixed Xorg.0.log analysis
  • fix xmlrpc module and its working with arrays in Jetpack module-protected world


  • mass query is done in multiple components at once (configurable)
  • cleanups (jslint and Eclipse should be happy again)
  • cleanup repository (moving unnecessary stuff to separate branches)
  • fix Logger object (uses storage properly and it is able to clean up)


  • mostly bugfixes: removing unnecessary modules, updating to the latest SDK
  • make fixAllButton working again
  • use createDeadLink whenever possible