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Using the bodhi command-line interface

Installing the client

# yum install bodhi-client

Client usage

Usage: bodhi [options] [build...|package]

Command line tool for interacting with Bodhi

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n, --new             Submit a new update
  -e, --edit            Edit an existing update
  -M, --masher          Display the status of the Masher (releng only)
  -P, --push            Display and push any pending updates (releng only)
                        Types of updates to push (releng only)
                        Types of updates to push (releng only)
                        Requests of updates to push (stable or testing)
                        (releng only)
                        Push a specific builds (releng only)
  --resume-push         Resume an unfinished push (releng only)
  -d, --delete          Delete an update
  --file=INPUT_FILE     Get update details from a file
  -m, --mine            Display a list of your updates
  -C, --candidates      Display a list of your update candidates
  -T, --testable        Display a list of installed updates that you could
                        test and provide feedback for
  -c COMMENT, --comment=COMMENT
                        Comment on an update
  -k [+1|-1], --karma=[+1|-1]
                        Give karma to a specific update (default: 0)
  -R STATE, --request=STATE
                        Request that an action be performed on an update
  -D UPDATE, --download=UPDATE
                        Download an update
  --critpath            Display a list of pending critical path updates
  --untested            Display a list of untested critical path updates
  -s STATUS, --status=STATUS
                        List [pending|testing|stable|obsolete] updates
  -b BUGS, --bugs=BUGS  Specify any number of Bugzilla IDs (--bugs=1234,5678)
  -r RELEASE, --release=RELEASE
                        Specify a release [F12|F13|F14] (optional)
  -N NOTES, --notes=NOTES
                        Update notes
  -t TYPE, --type=TYPE  Update type [bugfix|security|enhancement|newpackage]
  -u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
                        Login username for bodhi
  -L LATEST, --latest=LATEST
                        List the latest builds of a specific package across
                        all releases
  --disable-autokarma   Disable karma automatism
                        Stable karma threshold
                        Unstable karma threshold
  -v, --verbose         Show debugging messages
  -l LIMIT, --limit=LIMIT
                        Maximum number of updates to return (default: 60)
                        Bodhi url to use for testing purposes (default:

Submitting a new update

$ bodhi --new --type bugfix bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7
Creating new update for bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7
Update successfully created
    Release: Fedora 7
     Status: pending
       Type: bugfix
      Karma: 0
    Request: testing
  Submitter: lmacken
  Submitted: 2007-11-12 21:34:02

Submitting a new update for multiple builds

$ bodhi --n -t bugfix bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7,python-fedora-
Creating new update for bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7,python-fedora-
Update successfully created
     bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7, python-fedora-
    Release: Fedora 7
     Status: pending
       Type: bugfix
      Karma: 0
    Request: testing
  Submitter: lmacken
  Submitted: 2007-11-12 21:34:02,python-fedora-

Changing the state of an update

Pushing an update to stable

$ bodhi --request stable bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7
bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7 has been submitted for stable

Unpushing an update

$ bodhi -R unpush bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7

Marking an update as obsolete

$ bodhi -R obsolete bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7

Deleting an update

$ bodhi --delete bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7
Deleted bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7

Viewing your update candidates

$ bodhi --candidates
bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc8                        dist-f8-updates-candidate
bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7                        dist-fc7-updates-candidate
deskbar-applet-2.19.3-4.fc7              dist-fc7-updates-candidate

Viewing what testing updates you have installed

$ bodhi --testable
  Update ID: FEDORA-2007-3164
    Release: Fedora 8
     Status: testing
       Type: enhancement
      Karma: 0
  Submitter: nbecker
  Submitted: 2007-11-10 01:02:37
   Comments: bodhi - 2007-11-10 05:59:33 (karma 0)
             This update has been pushed to testing

Providing feedback for an update

$ bodhi --comment "This is a comment" --karma +1 bodhi-0.4.2-1.fc7
    Release: Fedora 7
     Status: pending
       Type: bugfix
      Karma: 1
    Request: testing
  Submitter: lmacken
  Submitted: 2007-11-12 21:38:12
   Comments: lmacken - 2007-11-12 21:38:46 (karma 1)
             This is a comment

Querying updates

View all security updates for Fedora 8

$ bodhi --type security --release F8
 php-Smarty-2.6.20-1.fc8                      security     pending   2008-10-13 
 cups-1.3.9-1.fc8                             security     pending   2008-10-10 
 drupal-5.11-1.fc8                            security     pending   2008-10-09 
 ruby-                         security     stable    2008-10-09 
 mediawiki-1.13.2-40.99.fc8                   security     stable    2008-10-07 
 libxml2-2.7.1-2.fc8                          security     stable    2008-10-03 
 pam_krb5-2.2.18-2.fc8                        security     stable    2008-10-03 
 squirrelmail-1.4.16-1.fc8                    security     pending   2008-10-01 

View all updates for a given package

$ bodhi mutt
 mutt-1.5.18-2.fc9                            bugfix       stable    2008-06-16 
 mutt-1.5.18-2.fc8                            bugfix       stable    2008-06-16 
 mutt-1.5.18-1.fc8                            bugfix       obsolete  2008-05-21 
 mutt-1.5.18-1.fc9                            bugfix       obsolete  2008-05-21 
 mutt-1.5.17-2.fc8                            bugfix       stable    2007-12-06 
 mutt-1.5.17-1.fc8                            bugfix       stable    2007-11-16 
6 updates found (6 shown)

View all kernel security updates

$ bodhi --type security kernel

View update by bug number

$ bodhi --bugs 12345

View updates by status

$ bodhi --status testing --release F8

Viewing the latest builds for every tags across all releases

$ bodhi --latest kernel
   dist-f8-updates-testing  kernel-
           dist-f8-updates  kernel-
 dist-f8-updates-candidate  kernel-
 dist-f9-updates-candidate  kernel-
           dist-f9-updates  kernel-
   dist-f9-updates-testing  kernel-