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#663 Need support for making updates dependent on other updates bodhi-server Wishlist enhancement new 01/30/12
#79 Bodhi should detect broken deps and prevent a push bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken new 07/15/07
#703 Web interface erroneously rejects builds as duplicates based only on last part of release tag bodhi-server defect new 11/05/12
#705 When submitting updates for several releases that obsolete previous updates, changelog gets copied multiple times bodhi-server defect new 11/19/12
#706 Obsolete updates that have yet to hit testing bodhi-server defect new 12/05/12
#712 Changing build override date doesn't extend the override bodhi-server defect new 01/23/13
#714 Update can't be submitted stable unless it has autokarma enabled bodhi-server defect new 02/14/13
#716 Add build-overrides in the results of a search bodhi-server defect new 03/08/13
#717 Sort build override results bodhi-server defect new 03/08/13
#719 Update successfully created. This update has obsoleted evolution-3.5.5-2.fc18, and has inherited its bugs and notes. bodhi-server defect new 03/15/13
#727 Cannot give feedback to my own updates bodhi-server defect new 06/13/13
#731 CVE-* no longer works as "Bug" when adding new update bodhi-server defect lmacken assigned 08/01/13
#740 Provide information about upstream releases bodhi-server defect new 09/14/13
#742 Conflicting messages about permission to push to stable bodhi-server defect lmacken assigned 12/02/13
#743 Possible corner case: update not obsoleted when submitted by another maintainer (co-maintainer) bodhi-server defect new 12/09/13
#745 Update from 3.1.0-1pre1 to 3.1.0-2 bodhi-server defect new 01/07/14
#756 cannot install bodhi client without turbogears bodhi-server defect new 06/30/14
#759 bodhi update failed bodhi-server defect lmacken assigned 09/15/14
#760 bodhi tags multiple builds to stable in the wrong order bodhi-server defect new 09/23/14
#761 500 error when koji is down bodhi-server defect new 10/01/14
#762 better message on autoqa failure bodhi-server defect new 10/07/14
#763 Handle updates that partially supercede previous updates better bodhi-server defect new 11/07/14
#764 update admin contact information in error messages bodhi-server defect new 12/02/14
#769 f21 update to stable criteria bodhi-server defect new 01/07/15
#774 bodhi-client "--mine" does not show all my updates bodhi-client defect new 03/03/15
#777 Who can push updates when sharing ACL on a package? bodhi-server defect lmacken assigned 03/17/15
#781 Use "dnf" instead of "yum" in messages for F22+ bodhi-server defect new 06/01/15
#787 Bodhi page for individual package has broken links bodhi-server defect new 08/18/15
#789 Invalid emails are being sent out. bodhi-server defect new 08/26/15
#790 bodhi --critpath traceback bodhi-client defect new 11/23/15
#794 submitting a build to -testing removes other tags (like -override) bodhi-server defect new 04/18/16
#405 Web UI should include details on how to test an update bodhi-server enhancement new 03/25/10
#695 recommend using yum-security's --advisory switch to test testing updates bodhi-server enhancement lmacken assigned 09/23/12
#771 Limit length of title field in repository updateinfo.xml bodhi-server enhancement new 01/19/15
#775 RFE: show my bugs that can be pushed to stable bodhi-client enhancement new 03/03/15
#779 Close comments/karma on older bodhi updates bodhi-server enhancement new 05/08/15
#785 Searching for "git" produces an unsorted list of 2353 results bodhi-server enhancement new 06/18/15
#786 Fedora Update System: dnf instead of yum bodhi-server enhancement new 07/30/15
#791 provide a direct link to install from koji in bugzilla messages bodhi-server enhancement new 12/13/15
#483 Bodhi: bugs marked ON_QA get left in that state when an update is withdrawn from testing bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 09/22/10
#488 RFE: allow pushing non critpath packages to stable once they have a net karma sum of one bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 10/07/10
#596 its hard for people without good sight to provide karma feedback bodhi-server 1.0 defect lmacken assigned 03/24/11
#628 Obsolete stale testing updates when a package is headed to stable. bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 08/11/11
#658 "RSS Feed of Comments" broken for some users bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 01/07/12
#679 Bodhi isn't untagging builds from f17-updates-testing bodhi-server 1.0 defect lmacken assigned 03/20/12
#681 Large delay when untagging updates from -pending bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 03/29/12
#690 Buildroot overrides shows dates incorrectly bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 07/17/12
#691 `bodhi --download` stopped working... bodhi-client 1.0 defect new 07/17/12
#776 Unable to reset autokarma thresholds after it was disabled by taskotron bodhi-server 1.0 defect new 03/06/15
#272 Remind testers to use and vote in bodhi in the Fedora * updates-testing report bodhi-server 1.0 enhancement new 12/09/08
#581 change to security updates bodhi-server 1.0 enhancement new 01/11/11
#618 Prevent automatic push when authenticaed negative karma is left bodhi-server 1.0 enhancement new 06/24/11
#602 Make our mashing lock more granular bodhi-server 1.0 task new 04/25/11
#206 package completions offers "untagged" packages bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken assigned 06/17/08
#281 after my session timed out during adding an update, the builds were lost after entering my password bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 12/15/08
#301 GET requests should not have side-effects bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 02/26/09
#314 Handle repodata GPG signing bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 04/16/09
#318 new owner of a package cannot edit existing updates for the package bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken assigned 05/14/09
#326 Comment notifications assume the existence of an @fedoraproject.org address. bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 06/05/09
#340 The masher runs in a thread that can be killed by apache. bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken new 07/21/09
#341 bodhi allows two multiple versions of a package to be included in the same push bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 07/23/09
#364 sends wrong "Fixed in version" to bugzilla when closing bug as ERRATA with multiple build updates bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 11/04/09
#365 Still haveing issue where releases "disappear" bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 11/05/09
#367 comps group view bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 11/10/09
#432 initial checkout case for comps is broken, may not have ever worked bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 05/21/10
#454 bodhi should obsolete a update in "pending" state bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken assigned 07/11/10
#475 RfE: Maintainer of a package should be notified, if someone else create an update request bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 09/05/10
#490 validator errors not propagating to the client bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 10/25/10
#573 push issue: keybinder-0.2.2-4.fc14 had no builds bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken assigned 11/29/10
#590 broken links in bodhi bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken assigned 03/07/11
#592 bodhi.query() does not handle epoch bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 03/11/11
#604 Refuses to push a new package to stable directly bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 05/04/11
#616 don't update all BZs when a new BZ is added to update bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 06/22/11
#629 EPEL6 Pending Tag missing? bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 08/12/11
#630 Bodhi allow to submit update of already stable package bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 08/16/11
#631 Bugs are inhereted crossing distributions bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 08/19/11
#638 bodhi no longer updating all bugzilla bugs bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 09/13/11
#641 Unable to edit an update to disable autokarma from the bodhi-client bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 09/30/11
#646 Fix bugzilla comment insanity with large multi-build updates bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 10/27/11
#650 bodhi 0.8.3 doesn't seem to be obsoleteing/replacing builds bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 11/14/11
#655 Update breaks when trying to edit and add failed build. bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 12/13/11
#656 Internal server error on Bodhi bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 12/24/11
#662 TypeError when saving an update bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 01/28/12
#680 Can edit expiration date but cannot make it expired again for other person's override request bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 03/23/12
#686 Obsolete description inheritance edge case bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 06/13/12
#696 Race condition when update is revoked during push bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 09/28/12
#725 koji.moveBuild multicalls don't guarantee tag order. bodhi-server 2.0 defect new 05/23/13
#780 Editing an update with new build breaks old URL and doesn't update bugzilla with new bodhi-server 2.0 defect lmacken assigned 05/14/15
#187 Add option to opt out from comment mails bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement lmacken assigned 03/20/08
#200 Add new update for multiple releases at once. bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement lmacken assigned 05/08/08
#241 Have bodhi run it's sanity checks regularly, and spam the admins! bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement lmacken new 10/02/08
#296 Allow karma to be revoked bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement lmacken reopened 02/12/09
#317 mash in chroot bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 05/04/09
#323 Add "Suggest session restart" option for updates bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 05/24/09
#351 More security updates then needed. bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 08/23/09
#418 Need a new status for things that are waiting on the user, not bodhi bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 04/28/10
#613 Only notify tickets of updates when distribution matches bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 06/03/11
#624 keep updates in both updates and updates-testing for 24h to facilitate hardlinking bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 07/14/11
#664 Implement multicall bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 01/31/12
#723 Don't split multiple-package update announcements across multiple mails bodhi-server 2.0 enhancement new 05/13/13
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