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BeakerLib is a shell-level integration testing library, providing convenience functions which simplify writing, running and analysis of integration and blackbox tests.


  • Journal - uniform logging mechanism (logs & results saved in flexible XML format, easy to compare results & generate reports)
  • Phases - logical grouping of test actions, clear separation of setup / test / cleanup (preventing false fails)
  • Asserts - common checks (exit codes, check file existence & content) affecting the overall results of the individual phases
  • Helpers - convenience functions for common operations such as managing services, backup & restore


  • Use man beakerlib to get the most up-to-date documentation
  • Manual - wikified version of the manual page
  • See the BeakerLib libraries page for creating library tasks
  • Download & print Quick Reference sheet
  • See the Examples to get some inspiration for quick start
  • See the Newsletter for a newsletter series discussing various BeakerLib features


  • Use yum install beakerlib to install the package on Fedora
  • ... or download a tarball