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The theme for the 0.5.0 release series is to improve the usability of AutoQA


Improve usability of log output

Reduce the number of "useless" emails sent to maintainers

Create documentation for current tests

This documentation would include descriptions of:

  • What the test does
  • How to triage common failures
  • How to read test output

Increase Release Frequency

For the 0.5.x release series, we will evaluate whether or not to release on a regular basis and do the release when there is enough progress to justify the release.

  • Initially, we will evaluate AutoQA for release every 2 weeks



  • Start Date:
  • End Date: TBD

To Do


Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#258 implement 'make test' tflink enhancement minor documentation fixed
#259 lib/autotest/ does not apply defect minor autotest invalid
#265 Create function to download RPMs from koji for given NVR tflink enhancement minor core fixed
#266 Organize the 'autoqa' script into functions vhumpa enhancement minor core fixed
#267 Remove 'frontends' (israwhidebroken) directory from the master branch in git kparal task trivial core fixed
#268 Rename lib/python to lib/autoqa vhumpa task minor core fixed
#272 Tell test which arch it is supposed to test vhumpa enhancement major core fixed
#273 Change watcher-name based events 'parsing' to event names vhumpa enhancement minor core fixed
#280 Remove Koji configuration from AutoQA task minor core wontfix
#284 depcheck does not produce output for some pending updates defect major tests fixed
#285 noarch test should be run on only one arch defect major tests duplicate
#294 Detect required Fedora releases correctly vhumpa defect major core fixed
#295 Provide proper functions for ENVRA manipulation jskladan enhancement minor core fixed
#298 - split postprocess_iteration reporting into standalone methods kparal task major core fixed
#301 Reverse execute logic in control.autoqa vhumpa enhancement minor core fixed
#314 Decrease the volume of 'PASSED' email sent to maintainers from bodhi tflink task major core fixed
#315 Create per-item logs for multi-item tests vhumpa enhancement major core fixed
#316 depcheck: extract possible cause of failure jskladan enhancement major tests fixed
#317 Create user-facing documentation for upgradepath kparal task major documentation fixed
#318 Provide access to test documentation kparal enhancement major core fixed
#319 Create HTML log output if possible vhumpa task major core fixed
#326 Create user-facing documentation for depcheck tflink task major documentation fixed
#327 create plaintext template for pretty logs vhumpa task major core fixed
#342 Prevent duplicate tests from being scheduled defect major watchers fixed
#343 Bodhi Comment Email Logic is not Detecting Tests tflink task major core fixed
#344 Update repoinfo.conf - Remove release F13 task critical production fixed