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Scope of the Amber Project for F10


  • TurboGears based web application.
  • Browse applications
  • Search for applications
  • Install applications
  • Comment on applications and add other metadata
  • Data sync with Fedora package database, comps.xml, and .desktop files
  • Fedora only, but designed to allow compatibility with other distributions
  • OpenID/integration with Fedora Account System
  • I18N-ready data model

Nice to have

  • Plugins for applications (packages that are not required, but offer enhanced functionality)
  • User moderation of comments
  • Meta ratings for comments/reviews
  • Meta ratings for users ("Power user", "Troll", etc)
  • User-generated lists of applications: "Bob's favorite games", "Cindy's office suite"
  • Automatically suggested alternatives "Instead of X, some users prefer Y"
  • Articles - "How to remove red-eye with the gimp" or "Creating a webcomic with Fedora"
    • These would include links to install the needed software

Out of scope for this release

  • Actual I18N/L10N integration
  • Removing applications
  • Alternate repositories
  • Non-fedora distributions
  • Post-install help/tutorials/runmenow buttons