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Accessibility Guide

Project Maintainers: Eric Christensen (sparks@…)

What is it?:
The Accessibility Guide is designed to assist users of Fedora in using the accessibility tools contained within the Fedora operating system. This includes tools provided by the GNOME and KDE desktop environments and other programs not specifically related to a specific desktop. These tools can increase the quality of life of someone with a disability and is an extremely important mission.

Mailing List:
To gain access to the mailing list, please send an email to the project maintainers with a brief introduction.

Where to get:


How to be a member:
To become a member of the commits group, you will need to submit either 10 separate patches or 1 complete chapter written in DocBook XML. The quality of these patches and the chapter will be assessed by the project leads. Note that until there is a bugzilla component, the patches/chapter should be sent to the mailing list. If you have any questions, or need help creating an XML patch, please contact the project leads.

Committer List

Eric Christensen - 100%
Rüdiger Landmann - 100%


Fix sections. All information to be reorganized according to type of solution (i.e. screen readers, screen magnifiers, programs that talk for people, etc), then by whether it is for GNOME or KDE or...

Obtain links for additional information on these, and other, solutions.