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Client utility and library for performing deployments with Func.

What's it for?

Taboot uses simple YAML files to help you script common task patterns on groups of hosts. This helps you to do more by doing less. Want to know more? Check out the TabootExamples page.

Latest News


2012/01/20 - Taboot 0.4.0 Released

  • Major release, lots of internal code refactoring
  • Fixed #25, Should have a guide for creating new scripts
  • Fixed #26, Taboot is not DRY enough
  • Fixed #28, More verbosity for debugging & development
  • Fixed #33, Add functionality for strict ordering of hosts
  • Fixed #34, Taboot 'edit' mode should hint at the file type and give instructions
  • Fixed #35, Taboot should have a "noop" task
  • Fixed #36, Preflight not doing mega concurrency as advertised
  • Fixed #38, Escape HTML Tags in HTMLOutput
  • Fixed #39, Colorize various output
  • Fixed #40, Create a tabootv wrapper to make vi default EDITOR
  • Fixed #41, Add server parameter to puppet (Safe)Run tasks
  • Fixed #37, Add a puppet noop task

Much thanks to new contributor Andrew Butcher!

Download it here!

2011/09/29 - Taboot 0.3.2 Released

  • Fixed: #29 - RFE: Nagios (un)silencing options
  • Fixed: #30 - Create a working 'Pause' task
  • Fixed: #31 - HTML Logging
  • New 'hacking' directory in git tree has script to make development testing easier
  • Make python-argparse a Requires for el6 as well

2011/08/04 - Taboot 0.3.1 Released

Bug fixes, and some enhanced cli functionality. Noteworthy changes include:

  • (#24) - Fix Nagios scheduling causing log-to-file to fail
  • (#23) - Spelling & grammar fixes all around
  • (#18) - Add -E (edit), -p (print yaml & exit), -C (set concurrency), and -L (add logging) command line flags

Much thanks to new contributor Jason DeTiberus?!

You can always pick up the latest releases here while waiting for the updates to process and get into the official Yum/EPEL repositories.

See the ChangeLog for the complete list of updates.

2011/06/30 - Taboot 0.3.0 Released

Lots of bug fixes

  • YAML Errors Handled Intelligently
  • CLI Option Processing Improved
  • Improved Nagios Module

See the ChangeLog for all the gorey details.

F14 repo updated with new release. Still pending stable push on the others. You can get the latest RPMs from the GetReleases page until then.

More Goodness


modjkapi, required to use the mod_jk task:

Get Involved

  • Devel Taboot Development -- Steps for contributing back to Taboot
  • Source -- get the source code and learn how to contribute


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See also

  • Func -- The amazing framework Taboot is built on top of
  • YAML -- The language that Taboot release scripts are written in
  • Nushus -- Another great project from Red Hat production control, used for managing Yum repositories