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This wiki and repo are deprecated. Open Video Chat has been continued at

Welcome to Open Video Chat

Beginning March 15th VideoChat will be the focus of a new campaign at RIT sponsored by PEN International. The following is the Job description that was sent out to prospective students:

Developers will be focusing on a specific application: The Video Chat Activity for the XO platform. Developers sponsored by PEN International will be charged with developing a proof of concept by improving the underlying software stack to improve video chat accessibility for communication between deaf and hard of hearing students in a classroom environment. The project leaders at PEN have expressed a long-term interest in the life of this application that includes release into the Opensource ecosystem, and eventually porting to other platforms.

Development will be documented on a weekly basis for publication/dissemination for the NTID Technology Symposium and for the Open Source communities (i.e.The OLPC Video Chat wiki,,and Deliverables will be the application itself and the raw documentation of the process. Documentation of the process and the development team's experience will be released on an ongoing basis--live when possible--and will culminate at the terminus of the project with an open source video production to be released and viewed at the NTID Technology Symposium and FOSScon RIT this summer.

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