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Welcome to Muffin Translation Project


Muffin Translation project is a project of translation of Muffin, a French magazine made by the French community within Fedora.

More details about the Muffin project can be found here:

This magazine is dedicated to Fedora. The release date of the magazine is at the same time of Fedora release, each 6 months so. The magazine features latest news in Fedora, events, Fedora daily packages, articles about GNOME 3, Xbmc, Virtualization, Tips, etc in it's latest release.

This project written in LaTeX, and you can check the updated sources in the Git repository:

To translate from French to English (in a first time), you have to subscribe to the Translation of Muffin's mailing-list : Send it an introduction about you and your motivations. Once approved, you can find where help is needed in the Translation status page.

You can also drop by #fedora-muffin on Freenode IRC and start a chat.