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LHCP - Linux Hardware Compatibility Project


The LHCP goal is to provide a modular framework to generate, collect, submit and analyze information about all components of systems running Linux and how well each component works.

  • Provide a list of working hardware for people wanting to buy a new computer
  • Provide an idea on what hardware our/your distribution is run on
  • Provide a list of hardware we need to improve support for
  • Provide an interface to all above that allows simple and complicated queries
  • Get the user a list of things that should work and a way to test them
  • Tell the user how well his hardware is supported

There have been several Hardware Compatibility lists from vendors and other projects in the past, but most of them were limited in one aspect or another.




Sorry no tarballs yet. You can browse the source via the "Browse Source" menu item ;). The project itself is using Mercurial as a repository. You can get the code with hg clone