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AutoTools checkers

This page covers some basic error patterns in autoconfiscated packages which are worth to fix during package-review time (or at any later time). Feel free to suggest us to cover any other common artifact or mistake.

As always, you are encouraged fix problems upstream first.

Obsolete Macros

As time goes, autoconf/automake maintainers are necessarily changing API for these tools and some macros become obsoleted (or even worse - unsupported). These changes are very easily overlooked by upstreams and even by package maintainers which leads to build fails - so there you are. Here comes small list of such macros with some suggestions how it should be (safely) updated.

Common obsolete macros

When the "All Fedora/RHEL versions" is mentioned, the change should be OK at least for Fedora 17+ and RHEL 5+.

There is suggested to use -Wobsolete option while running the autoconf, automake, autoreconf, ... if you want to see relevant warnings. Also consider running autopoint but be careful when you are trying to prepare package for older distributions with not perfectly up2date tools.

Old macro(s) Suggested replacement Safety of this change? Comment
AM_CONFIG_HEADER AC_CONFIG_HEADERS All Fedora/RHEL versions Automake to autoconf move (s/AM/AC/)
AM_PROG_CC_STDC AC_PROG_CC All Fedora/RHEL versions Automake to autoconf move (s/AM/AC/)
AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, AM_PROG_LIBTOOL LT_INIT RHEL6+, all Fedora versions See the libtool manual for more info about parameters