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CD Upgrader

CD Upgrader is a software provisioning tool that uses the CD ROM interface.
Its goal is to enable a simple and safe tool to provision software on Virtual Machines
in a way that is hypervisor agnostic.

The CDupgrader needs to be installed once on each provisioned VM. It's a service that starts on the VM boot.
When a CD is inserted to the VM, the CDUpgrader looks for a signature file on the CD.
If a valid signature is found in the CD, the CDUpgrader will run the upgrade script from the CD.

This project contains the CDUpgrader as well as the CDSigner - a tool for packaging a software update and an infrastructure for running upgrade and install from the CD.

Usage and design details

The project contains three parts:

CDSigner - The pakaging tool
CD Signer is used to digitally sign the distribution package.
source file and usage
CDUpgrader - The provisioning tool
The provisioning tool should be installed on the target host, typically a Virtual Machine.
It is builed out of several parts
rhsrvany - A tool that makes any program a service
RHB64Encoder - A base 64 encoder utility
CDUpgrader - The script that check if an upgrade or an install is needed
Upgrade script - An upgrade infrastructure
Upgrade infrastructure wraps the instance of the software package that needs to be installed or upgraded.
All a package needs to have in order to use the upgrade infrasture is to create a simple configuration.
But of course it is also possible to provide your own script.
upgrade configuration example

Mailing list

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The source code is available at git://