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Welcome to the Authentication Hub Project

AuthHub? is a project to enable many authentication methods in the Kerberos KDC. This is enabled by the OTP Preauthentication RFC draft, which targets doing One Time Passwords, but enables many other authentication mechanisms.

For the Impatient

Check out our getting started guide.


Latest Release Repository Mailing List
0.1.2 git ssh http browse authhub-devel

Currently we support the following OTP tokens:

OTP Token TOTP HOTP Proprietary
oath-toolkit Y Y N/A
OATH Token (iOS) Y Y N/A
Google Authenticator (iOS, Android, Blackberry) Y Y N/A
YubiKey Y Y Y (YubiKey?)

Unfortunately, some features of the RFC draft are currently missing:

We plan to add support for these in the future.

Plugging in external authentication methods into Kerberos KDC

  • You can read the details about project goals here.
  • Architecture diagrams can be found here.